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Exclusive Portable Blender

Exclusive Portable Blender

Exclusive Portable Blender

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Do you constantly find yourself drinking protein chunks from your protein powder shake after the gym, because your shaker doesn't do the job? 

This Portable Blender blends your POST-WORKOUT protein shake right on the spot and leaves it perfect. On top of that feel free to add any fruits of your choice, so you don't have that boring: Water + Protein Flavor!

The most convenient Portable Bottle for all athletes and any person who is constantly on the go!

Ever been late to work and don't have time to make your Morning Smoothie?

Just Grab Your Fruits, take them to work, and make your Smoothie wherever you are!

Rechargeable & Portable - Built in Rechargeable Battery + Charger!




Thank you so much for fast shipping and the amazing ab stimulator. I've been using daily and am already seeing the results!

Chris J.

I ordered the ab stimulator and am so happy with the product. Super effective to use while I relax on the couch watch tv or play video games.

James T.

Thank you guys!

I was super surprised as a lot of people talk bad about this product, but it actually works amazingly! Got it from Noah Becks post, thanks Noah!

Sarah K.